Posted on March 27, 2017

I am ready to fish!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, by the time I write my next blog I should have a new boat. Was great to hear that good news at the fishing show this weekend! I can absolutely not wait to get it and go fishing!

Going fishing any other way has pretty much stalled (even on the pier) due to the weather the past couple weeks. Seems like we had a longer period of extended cold than we had all winter. While it hasn't been ideal, I've been enjoying the fact that no one else is fishing while I don't have a boat. It also worked out well that the weather wasn't great during the show this weekend. I've been there before where the weather is beautiful and everyone could be fishing. I'm sure when the D&R show rolls around it will be beautiful.

We had the Johnson Outdoors booth setup with a spread of top of the line Humminbird, Minn Kota, and Cannon products. A huge draw to our booth was the new Minn Kota Ultrex, which is probably the hottest product in bass fishing right now. If you haven't heard, it's a hybrid of sort. A cable steer trolling motor paired with iPilot or iPilot Link. It enables bass fisherman to have the maneuverability of a cable steer and features from iPilot like spot lock. It will be the deal on the water this year! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

We also had the brand new SOLIX units at the show. It was my first time seeing them in person and I was impressed. The new Helix MEGA units were on display too and were also impressive. I'm going to be running both styles this year Helix in the front and a SOLIX at the console. I strongly encourage everyone to look at running a SOLIX at the console of their boat. The touch screen offers some huge advantages. One of my favorites is being able to use the keyboard for naming and organizing waypoints. Also when in splitscreen (up to 4 separate screens) just 2 fingers on the screen you want will make that go full screen. There is just so much information available to you at the snap of a finger. Not to mention zooming in and zooming out with the control knob is super easy. I'd love to demonstrate what they can do at any tournament this year just stop by the boat after the tournament.            

Since we are touching on electronics, I want to touch on something else I see so often. This is a critical piece of advice for many anglers out there. Don't get overwhelmed by your electronics! They are really not that complicated! Sure I adjust my settings to give me better picture, btw a better picture isn't always a clearer picture. But put me on the water with a Humminbird only capable of default settings, would it shake my confidence? Absolutely not! Right out of the box these units are going to be able to show you pretty much everything you need to see. The real challenging part is interpreting what your unit is showing you. There is no substitute for time on the water when it comes to that. One thing that will really help when it comes to that is looking at known objects. Go check out a bridge or a weedbed you already know about. That will definitely speed up the learning curve when it comes to interpreting  the data the unit is showing you.

I also found a bass nation club to join at the show. This year the bass nation state championship is being held on Muskegon Lake. Since that is in the  backyard I want to see if I can catch a few fish and qualify for the state team and move on to the divisional. It has been a long time since I fished anything Bass Nation, all the way back to the AVID Bass Anglers days. I haven't fished a state championship since I was in high school and that was as a non boater. Muskegon in September could be really tough fishing but I'll be looking forward to it. Having a 2 day tournament there should really make things interesting. There was some other cool stuff at the show as well, like the awesome taxidermy display upstairs. They also had a stage where taxidermists are working on mounts. I got to see a few of the finer things that go into a mount when Joel from Jim and Son's Taxidermy mounted an antelope he harvested 20 years ago. It was eye opening to see some of the things he does that make his mounts look so good. I did find a few items in the bargain bins that caught my eye but nothing mind blowing.

Everything else has just kind of been moving along. Everything is going great with Amanda and the baby, the doctors said it's been boring. That is perfectly fine with me, I'd like to keep that boring. Also check out Reel n Smoke for my latest food recipe and beer pairing. Keep checking back for the April one soon.

As I'm writing this the Bassmasters Classic is going on, with Bassmaster Live it's made for an entertaining weekend since I'm not fishing.  It's been an interesting tournament, people are catching them doing a ton of different techniques. If you can learn one thing from that it is to fish your strengths. It will be an interesting weigh in, that is for sure. It is really getting me fired up to go fishing, see you on the water soon!