Posted on April 5, 2016

My boat lives! Finally April is here and I was able to get it out of storage. While it was a great feeling bringing it home, finding some mice damage wasn't so great. In addition to the mess, they had to chew a few wires too. I haven't even been through it all the way yet, so I'm sure there will be some more surprises. I got revenge pretty quickly on the 2 stowaways that rode home in the boat, but this is war. I've been merciful to mice on numerous occasions in my life, but mice are going to continue to pay for this as long as I live.

However the maiden voyage for the year went pretty well. There's been a common theme this year that no matter where we go it starts with a double. Lucky for me I've actually gotten to fish quite a bit, huge thanks to my bud Dave Hoeker for letting me tag along all spring. The double theme would continue right away on this trip. We ended up catching a bunch of fish and some good ones too, Dave had two 4+ smallies and a 5. I never caught any giants, but did get my hands on a lot of solid fish. Started putting the pieces together of where some of these big brown fish stage and I'm really looking forward to expanding on that this weekend. The wind was absolutely howling, so we didn't have much of a chance to get out on Lake Michigan and play with the walleyes, but I think I may have to give that a shot this weekend.

Other than some fishing, I worked the last two shows of the season. There is definitely a buzz about Humminbird's Helix units going on. The screen clarity and simplicity of those units is just amazing. Not to mention they are priced right and have some great features, such as auto chart live (9,10,12 series). That feature really helps to dial in specific areas and really have confidence in your mapping.

I also got to talk to a lot of people at D&R Sports about Lew's reels. The new Tournament Pro G (which replaced the tournament pro) is awesome. I love how they added the power handle to it. You're now able to adjust a dial to set what line size you have spooled up. This is available on the Pro G and several other models. I also got to see the Team Lew's Lite and Magnesium for the first time, they weigh in at 5.7 and 5.3 ounces respectively, you can barely tell they are there.  The coolest part of working the Lew's table was that David Fritts was back there working with me. Fritts is the crankbait king and was in his heyday when I was first starting to read my grandpa's Bassmaster magazines, so it was pretty cool for me to get to hang out with him all weekend.

In other news the FishSens SondeCAM HD is live and available for purchase. You can even get it from the first official FishSens dealer, ClearH2O Tackle. New features are that all HD units can transmit to a smartphone, or tablet, via wifi in real time! Better resolution and the free FishSens app will make recording a breeze too. Be on the lookout for some fresh SondeCAM footage as soon as the Android app is released (very soon, Apple app is available). I'm looking forward to working with some of the accessories this year to. It's going to be an exciting year for the SondeCAM.

I've also got a new article up on the FishSens Magazine. If you are planning on doing any spring bass fishing it may be worth the read. Finding bass in fast warming dark bottom areas is usually a recipe for success!