Posted on February 2, 2016

Well the last couple weeks have been pretty interesting. Between the freezing and thawing continually repeating itself, the ice on the big water just hasn't formed. It has given me a chance to get on some bluegills and capture a ton of underwater footage with my FishSens SondeCAM     . I also had an opportunity to get the Dock Talk Radio crew over to the west side to track 3 great radio shows.

If you haven't heard of Dock Talk, it is a Michigan based radio show focusing on but not limited to the Michigan bass fishing scene. Since the shows are recorded on the east side of Michigan, there really isn't a whole lot of west side content. But we came up with gameplan to get some west side content on there. Mike and Brandi from Dock Talk and Brandirawks Productions were going to make the trip and track 3 episodes. Somehow it all came together really smoothly, the guests were great and super flexible with when they could come in.

Our 3 shows were Cy Ruel /Justin Keithley from West Michigan Bass, Chris Risner/Tim Eaton the Bassmaster Team Championship winners, and Don Watts/Aaron Feeback who have won a tournament or 2 around west Michigan and beyond. I'm not sure when they will be released but keep an eye on the Dock Talk website andFacebook page to find out. Big thanks to everyone for coming out and to Mike (and Mini) for letting me sit in as co host.

We haven't had good ice but we have had ice in some of the bluegill spots. I've been fully taking advantage of that, even got Amanda out there for a 2 person limit of gills one day. One of the most fun things though has been using the FishSens underwater camera. I've been using a prototype of what is to come and have been streaming the video right to my phone via Wifi. The new cameras are going to have a WiFi module in them that will stream right to any phone or tablet. You will still have the capability to hook right into a compatible fish finderas well. Look for these developments to be released soon as well as the app that will go with it. There are going to be a lot of cool features packed into there as well. For some of the video take a look at my Facebookor Instagram accounts as I've posted several up.

Until the next one I'll just be hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for Muskegon Lake to develop some safe ice. I guess that is what I get for being prepared this year. I was ready and super excited to get after those perch with my new setup. New shanty, enclosed trailer, anda 4 wheeler (it has been great for plowing the driveway though), they are just itching to get used. Hoping for a cold snap at some point this February!