Posted on January 27, 2016

We are officially in one of the worst lulls of the year, here it is mid January and ice is just now forming. Makes me wonder if we are going to have much of a perch season here on Muskegon Lake. Until then bluegills are going to have to do.

I did my best to make the most of the extended open water season though. I got out bass fishing in the duck boat once, although things didn't really pan out on that trip. I did have some success with the walleyes though, even landing my biggest yet at 12.83lbs. I may have started targeting them a little too late in the year, but I learned something for next year. But any time we have some warm or at least calm weather this winter, I'm going to see about making a few casts. I'm in an area where you could really catch just about anything that swims in the great lakes. Most of the time I'm throwing a blade when it's cold, here is a little more about that in my latest FishSens Magazine article Blade Baits a Multispecies Magnet.

I also got to do some work with FishSens at the Novi Ultimate Fishing Show. The show provides us a chance to show case our product and also get feedback from potential customers. A way to view what the camera is seeing right on your smartphone or tablet is coming! We also have an HD version coming that will work with the Humminbird ONIX. The show was a big success for us, and it also was the first time all the prostaff was in the same place at the same time. If you have never stopped by their websites, check out Brandon Card and Travis Hartman. We are all looking forward to what is coming in the future. Also if you are on instagram keep an eye out for lot's of short video clips coming on their new instagram account.

Many of you have probably heard of the online radio show Dock Talk. If you haven't it covers many aspects of bass fishing throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. All the episodes have been recorded on the east side of Michigan, until now. They'll be over at my house this winter talking to some west side fisherman, which should make for some really interesting shows for both east and west side fisherman.

I've also been continually working with my pup. Hutch keeps passing all the little tests and I'm getting really excited about next duck season. He had his first introduction to live birds several weeks ago. Even though the scent of a chukar didn't excite him as much as the smell of a duck, he had no problems hunting those up. Even recovering a live chukar that got away and flew into some really thick stuff. It was really exciting for me to see his demeanor change when he knew he was on the bird. I don't anticipate losing anymore cripples in the thick brush next duck season!

Back to the fishing side of things, I have some work to do to get ready for the 2016 fishing season. Tackle to organize, lots of time behind the keyboard, plans to make, shows to work, and pursuit of new opportunities. I've also got to figure out exactly what I'll be fishing next year. Right now it's the D & R Sports Series again, but I'd like to get a few other things on the schedule. Definitely the Kent Lake Open and I'm looking hard at many other events too.

I'll also be hitting the ice as much as I possibly can. Winter is way behind this year, but I finally got out today and put a limit on the ice. It felt great to be walking on water again. It was blast watch the gills on the FishSens SondeCAM, so be on the lookout for some cool bluegill footage soon!