Posted on February 9, 2015

Things are moving right along this winter. I feel like the days are already getting longer and it will be spring before we know it. This winter has also been a cakewalk compared to last year. I of course have been relentlessly chasing perch on Muskegon Lake.

The perch bite has been really frustrating lately, my favorite area slowed down. So I've been off drilling lot's of holes and exploring. I've never been so frustrated to mark fish on my Humminbird ICE-45. It seems almost every hole I drop it has one or 2 fish. Well that's fine if you want to slowly pick away at them all day. But that is not what I love about ice fishing, I'm looking for that area that is loaded and they are competing for food. I would much rather drill 50 holes and see nothing in 49 of them, and 1 loaded up with aggressive fish. We have still been catching them , but it is taking way too much coaxing to get bit. I'm beginning to think the perch are migrating back towards Lake Michigan already, so the remainder of the season I'll be concentrating on areas closer to Lake MIchigan. On a positive perch fishing note, I do have a new article on the FishSens Magazine. It details the techniques I've had a lot of success catching perch out of deep water with, follow this link to the PERCH ARTICLE.

I mentioned in the last blog, that Amanda and I were looking forward to getting a puppy soon. Unfortunately that has been a bit delayed, the litter we had a deposit on only had 1 yellow male. We had 2nd pick so we were out of luck, fortunately another quality litter is due in March and we moved our deposit to that litter. While it was disappointing at first, things like this happen for a reason so we aren't going to sweat it too much. It will be exciting to have first pick when the next litter is due!

A few hours after we got that news, I got a call from FishSens with some more exciting news. We are going to have a booth at the Bassmasters Classic this year in Greenville, South Carolina (Lake Hartwell). Amanda and I are going to head down there and I'm going to work the booth for the weekend. I'm excited to get down there and tell people from all over the country about the SondeCams.  It's also going to be a great opportunity for me to meet people from all over the industry. I always told myself I'd never go to a Bassmaster Classic unless I was fishing or working. While I'd certainly much rather have made the most of my opportunity at the Bassmaster Team Championship and be fishing it. I'm still pretty pumped about seeing the big show first hand and showing off a great product.

A few things I want to give everyone a heads up on. If you have kept up on the blogs for awhile you might remember me mentioning Fishing for Drew.  Something pretty cool popped up on there the other day. GK Calls came up with a unique way to do some fundraising for Drew. They made a "lottery" with a one of a kind goose call. 52 cards are being sold for the lottery at 50 bucks a piece. Being a supporter of Fishing for Drew and an avid waterfowler I made sure to get my card early. But as of the time I'm writing this there are still about 20 left.  100 percent of the auction is going to the Fishing for Drew foundation, you can find more info HERE.

Something else I want to pass on is that for the entire month of February. Reel n Smoke is giving a 20 percent discount on all orders if you use the code ReelChief when checking out. Special offers like this will pop up from time to time in returning customers emails. But I'm letting the cat out of the bag for everyone this time!

While I'm pretty excited for what the rest of the month has to bring, I'm just going to keep making the most out of every single day. Keep an eye out for the next blog, I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories from the event. There is a chance another couple announcements might be coming in the near future as well. See ya on the ice!