Posted on January 27, 2015

When I left off in the last blog I was about to head out on a whirlwind weekend for the Novi Ultimate Fishing Show. It was without question a crazy weekend and a great time, I even ended up on the Hawg Trough for a last minute seminar. It was great to see so many eastsiders (and the westsiders that made the trip) as well as see some other friends and family briefly.

But while it was a ton of fun, the real reason I was there was to help introduce the FishSens Technology line of cameras. I spent the next couple days with the FishSens crew and Ohio walleye pro Travis Hartman talking about the cameras. We talked to a wide variety of people encompassing all experience levels and many different species interests. The reaction we got from people was very exciting, especially when they saw how it could simply hook up to a fish finder. One of the main questions we got is can it hook up to any fish finder? The answer is no, the fish finder has to have video input capabilities. As different cables are made it will work with Humminbird ONIX, Lowrance, Raymarine, and Garmin units. I'll be using mine on a Humminbird ONIX this season and would be happy to take people out after tournaments to demonstrate what the camera can do. Loads of other information and updates are to come so keep in touch with the FishSens website, as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Those are also the best ways to keep up with content coming out of the FishSens Magazine. I've actually got two articles recently published to the magazine. They are a bit different than much of the other stuff I've written about. These highlight some of the spectacular and unique fishing we have in west Michigan.  PART 1 talks about the "resident" fish we have while PART 2 goes into detail about the migrations and more popular spawning runs. I'll go into detail in the future with a lot of these and I have a feeling a perch article might be coming soon.

One other cool thing to note in the magazine is there was recently an article about largemouth bass and their loss of lakeshore habitat in MICHIGAN. It's actually about some interesting and exciting research one of my buds Joe Nohner is doing. It is definitely something us Michigan bass anglers are going to want to follow closely as I think loss of aquatic vegetation is one of the main things that could threaten our fantastic largemouth bass fisheries.  To keep up with Joe and his research check out his BLOG.

Some other exciting stuff happened at the Novi show such as the debut of the Nemesis Baits B2, which is a larger version of the popular bullet craw and measures 4.7 inches. I used a prototype of this bait a lot last year, and it flat out catches them. The B2 is really going to shine in those heavy cover big fish situations. I predict some big finishes will come on these in the upcoming season.

I did one last thing while I was over on the east side, I hit up the Dock Talk studio for a show. We talked about a wide variety of things so you'll have to give it a listen at Always a great time with Mike and Todd. The only downfall was the roads were awful all the way from the east side until I hit Grand Rapids. It's usually the exact opposite, but I took it slow and eventually made it back home.        

In other news, the ice is thick enough to get to the perch on Muskegon Lake. So over the last week or so it has been game on. My fish from last year relocated and after some decent days fishing in that area it was time to move on and find something better. It took me two hours of drilling holes but I think I found the school I have been looking for. Hoping they stay put and easy limits will be caught this weekend. One thing I have noticed from my time on the ice this year is that heavy tungsten jigs and perch rigs have been working a lot better than Hali style jigs. It is going to be interesting to see what the trend is this weekend out there.

I'm sure there are a few things I'm leaving out, but the only other exciting thing I can think of is...Amanda and I are getting a puppy! We put down a deposit on a lab from Trinity Oak Labs in Indiana. We are really crossing our fingers as we have 2nd pick on a yellow male who will hopefully be a great house dog and excellent retriever. We are kind of going to be on edge waiting to hear when the puppies are born.             

One last note, I wanted to remind everyone that any of the words that appear highlighted are hyperlinked. Meaning if you click on them, they will take you to the website or article mentioned. I was informed not every reader might know that so I wanted to clear it up. Thanks for reading!