Posted on April 17th, 2018

Alright this is getting ridiculous, it's mid April and I'm sitting home during an ice storm instead of fishing. The conditions actually aren't that bad for fishing, but the roads are an absolute mess, so here I sit. I did however get lots of important fishing related things done this weekend so it wasn't a total loss. Amanda and I also made some ribs with one of the Reel n Smoke grilling kits. So simple and so amazing, it was a good project for a lazy weekend. I've still got quite a bit of stuff to accomplish today, it won't be snow blowing like the rest of the neighborhood is doing right now though ( I refuse to do snow removal in April).

I did manage to make it out for a few hours last week though. I went to a new body of water and was for sure surprised at where most of the fish were positioned. They were much shallower than I would have thought and biting reaction baits pretty well. The water temp didn't really indicate that they were going to be shallow, I did have the wind in my favor though. It definitely seemed like they were getting antsy to move on up and start cruising the shallows. Just like everyone I know is getting extremely antsy to get out there and get after them. This brings me to another point though, that there are so many other things that go into it than just water temperature. They obviously aren't looking at a calendar (or maybe they are), but there is no question the lengthening days are something that is noticed in the fish world. Bottom line of the story, don't be surprised to find some that seem ahead of schedule for what the water temperature is.

It may be a flaw of mine but water temperature is something I seldom look at. I've never been one to say it's 53.7 degrees they are now ready to bite squarebill or whatever. While I'm sure there are situations like that up and here and definitely other regions of the country. While I'll for sure monitor it in the areas that should be warming the quickest, I'm not too concerned with what it is on the main lake. I'm generally trying to find what seasonal patterns are available that day and trying to narrow it down to what is working best. Once I find the first one on a bed for the year I won't look hard at water temp again until the next spring. Unless of course I'm in areas where different types of water are mixing. But I know If I'm on the water in late winter/spring time in Michigan, they are stacked up and chewing somewhere especially if there is wind. I'm chasing the wind if I am on the lake right now. Many of the really good early spring spots I've found over the years are all places where wind pushes into and the bass can set up in MASS numbers and FEED (it is all about the food). Certain inside turns, points, and coves/bays are all prime locations. Many of these areas can be decent most of the spring, but only when the wind is piling in there do you typically catch them cast after cast. There are of course lots of exceptions, but on a natural lake those sorts of places along with any inlets or outlets are great places to start. If all else fails head to north side of the lake or whichever side there is wind and start covering water.

I am ready to get out for a good 10 hour day instead of these few hour trips in the afternoons. Things look promising for next weekend, but we will see what actually happens (hopefully no one gets sick like most weekends this winter). Speaking of those 10 plus hour trips, one thing that has been on my mind lately is a jump starter for my boat. I'm running a lot of electronics on my rig and it just seems like a dead battery is inevitable at some point. I don't want that some point to be on the way back to weigh in with a good bag of fish. I also don't want to be pull starting my 4 wheeler out on Muskegon Lake ice fishing. So it seems like it would be a good investment to look into. I asked the question on Facebook the other day and got a lot of responses. The Noco and Weego jumpstarters both had a lot good reviews and people really believed in them. I haven't decided on which one I'm going to go with but ClearH2O Tackle carries both of them, so if you are in the market for one give them a call. I'll be sure to report on which one I ended up going with.

I've also been enjoying some fun springtime multispecies fishing, it is always fun to get a little variety in that cold Lake Michigan water. I truly appreciate the diversity of fishing west Michigan offers and whenever I get a chance, I try to take advantage of it. Aside from some exciting fishing, I witnessed a huge Great Lakes seiche the other day. It isn't uncommon for us to see a seiche on the Great Lakes, but I've never seen one of this magnitude. You can think about it like a tide with water levels dropping and rising. My jaw about hit the floor though when I looked out and there was a bunch of beach where there shouldn't be. It was a swing of around 3.5 feet in Muskegon and it was pretty cool to walk out there and be standing on the lake bottom.

That's all I've got for now, hopefully we will see you all on the water soon!