Posted on January 10th, 2018

Things always seem to slow down during hunting season and the holidays with the family. Things are a little more relaxed but it's time to get back to it. We are swinging right into show season this weekend with the Novi Ultimate fishing show.

FishSens will be back at the show this year so please stop by and take a minute to check out our American  made underwater cameras. We will also have show special pricing on them so if you are thinking about one this year, this is the time. It is shaping up to an exciting year with FishSens as we have a brand manager in the picture now. Be on the lookout for an expanded presence in the market and some new products coming.

I'm especially looking forward to it because I will be out of the house. I have been crushed by the flu the last 3 days. What was scheduled to be a free for all weekend of perching on Muskegon turned into laying on the bathroom floor and eating saltines for several hours a day. Not a lot of fun, so I don't have anything to report on the ice fishing front. Luckily it is still early in the season so I haven't missed much yet. I did get out a few times for bluegills though which isn't nearly as exciting as the perch. The highlight to all of that was landing a 30 inch northern on a Clam Speed spoon and 2lb test.  I have a lot of new Clam Outdoors gear to try out on the perch grounds and the new Humminbird Helix 7, luckily I have next Monday off to go do that. Setting up that Helix 7 is literally the only thing I've been able to accomplish until is started writing this.

I'm sure by now most bass fisherman that are active on social media have heard about the search for co angler Nik Kayler who became separated from the boat in an FLW Costa Series event this week. I'm not sure exactly what happened nor am I going to speculate on any details. There are so many real scenarios of what can happen on big water when the wind blows, or really anytime. Fortunately the boater was able to stay with the boat and was rescued when he drifted to shore. We should all use this as a stern reminder of just how much power big water has over bass boats and also that bass boats aren't invincible. It's also a good reminder that the only sure way to know you are going to float, if you fall out, is if you are wearing a life jacket made of foam. I don't know if inflatables were involved in this accident or not, but I always know my buckled and zipped foam lifejacket is going to float me. Prayers that Nik is found and brought back to his family.

While we are on the topic of bass fishing it looks like the schedules are really aligning in West Michigan this year. For the first time it looks like both the D&R Sports Series and West Michigan Bass will be fishable. We also have a BFL, Payback Bass, and the Dylan Compagner Memorial Tournament going on. I haven't seen any announcements for anything on opening day. But I'm hoping something will pop up. The opportunity is there for someone to put on something big, West Michigan Bass maybe?

We also ended duck season with a bang this year. Without question it was the craziest weather I have ever hunted in. I think it was 8 degrees with ridiculous winds and a ton of other things that were even worse. I don't really want to give any details about the location so I'll just leave it at that. The way the birds were bombing in was unbelievable though and was definitely some of the fastest shooting of the year. We got goldeneyes, bluebills, buffleheads, and mergansers. It was super fun diver shoot hopefully the stars align for that again with maybe a little nicer weather.

Other than that Amanda and I have been having a blast watching our daughter develop. She is 6 months and learning new things every day. We are having a ton of fun with it! Look forward to some real ice reports in the next one and see everyone at the show this weekend.