2020 BLOGS


Posted on August 2nd, 2020

Everyone needs a grinder of a tournament once in a while right? I much prefer to have the fishing good vs tough because it’s a lot easier to dial things in. Plus catching fish throughout the day is a lot more fun than constantly washing baits. However we don’t get to choose in tournament fishing and the Muskegon Lake D&R tournament was going to be one of those grinders.
It’s been no secret this year that Muskegon has just not been itself. Despite the fishing being on fire just to the north on White Lake it has been a challenge to really get things going on Muskegon. Weights have been down and many of the traditionally good areas are not producing (at least for me). My favorite program of digging around in the grass out there just hasn’t been clicking for me. That’s one thing about the lakeshore is it just keeps you on your toes. There is no just finding the good stuff and fishing it year after year after year. The grass and the water levels have just changed so much and it leaves you no option but to change with them. I really wish I could make sense of what the deal is out there but honestly I have no real good explanation. I’ve just accepted that bites aren’t going to come easy this year.



Westside Kickoff

Posted on July 12th, 2020

We finally got the party started close to home, late is certainly better than never. There have been lots of weeknighters happening and some smaller weekend tournaments. But this would be the kickoff of the D&R Series on White Lake. White Lake may have been where we were but it was a totally new White Lake to me. After fishing there for a Monday nighter earlier in the season it was obvious I could trash most of my waypoints for this tournament and start over completely.

With so few weeds the place was almost unrecognizable. All the places that had been so good to us last year were completely barren of vegetation. Unlike a lot of the inland lakes the culprit wasn't weed killer. Instead it's the record high water and the fact that it has been pretty dirty most of the spring. No light penetration equals no weed growth. I'll expect to see another major algae bloom this year too. There aren't enough plants to suck up the nutrients like there were in the past so it will be right for another big time bloom.




Posted on June 24th, 2020

Well it's been an interesting ride to say the least so far this year. Things appear to be trending in a positive direction at the moment however its still been weird. But at least we got our tournaments back and that means I'm going to get to fish a little bit more.

You would think with Amanda and I working from home I'd get to fish a bunch more. However balancing work and the girls all day has meant the least I've ever fished in the spring time and that's ok. It will end up being the most time we will ever spend with the girls in their entire lives. It definitely was a challenge watching all my friends out there smashing them on the super nice days. Then Saturday would roll around and it would be a high of 42 degrees and spitting rain all day (but at least the fish were still chewing).  It's almost July and I still haven't fished a full day without wearing Blackfish foul weather gear.



Strange Times

Posted on April 10th, 2020

Who would have ever predicted we would be where we are now? It was never on my radar that is for sure. We've been staying healthy and I hope everyone else out there is too. This virus, shelter in place, and effects on fishing have certainly been eye opening for sure. We've been extremely fortunate throughout the whole ordeal so far. I feel for everyone who has been hit by illness or are out of work. Amanda and I have both been able to work from home which has meant a lot of time with the girls. June is at a stage where she is really starting to figure out how to use her arms/legs and sit up on her own. It seems like every day is a little different so if I can come up with one positive out of this whole thing. It's that we have actually gotten to watch her develop and learn things we would have missed if she were at daycare. It has been a bummer that my parents and in laws haven't been able to see the girls lately. Hopefully we can make up for that this summer.



Short Season

Posted on March 7th, 2020

This has got to be about the earliest that I have put the ice fishing gear away. It's always a sad day but it's usually a little easier to handle when we've gotten lots of ice trips in throughout the year. It was certainly different this time around as I never even hit the ice without a spud. It was big difference from traveling willy nilly by ATV around. The biggest disappointment was never feeling comfortable enough to take my daughter out. However there were a few bright spots mixed in.

There were big questions about the typical winter perch fishery in Muskegon Lake. My experience in late December was that they hadn't even come into Muskegon Lake yet. It was consistent with other reports and I really wondered if we would get them ice fishing. Unfortunately it wasn't until late February until we got to find out. I had given up hope of getting out on Muskegon but one last cold snap finally put some ice out there.



Where's Winter

Posted on February 1st, 2020

This winter is certainly testing my patience. Ice making weather has been inconsistent and always followed by extreme warm ups and rain. I'd love to just have a little snow at this point just so it would feel like winter. It hasn't been fun for ice making, playing in the snow, or any of the other outdoor winter activities people do.
We did get one little window of it and unfortunately the stomach flu hit my house like a bomb. All 3 girls were sick and I was home taking care of all of them. It was brutal but thankfully the little one didn't get it that bad and we were able to keep her hydrated. By some miracle I didn't get it and was able to sneak out on the ice one afternoon once they recovered. I'm always amazed at how it doesn't really matter what time of year we actually get "first ice" fishing seems to be about the same. The spot I went to isn't all that great, it's a lot of sorting but if you can catch them fast enough a solid limit of perch is possible.