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"Back To It" - January 10th 2018

Things always seem to slow down during hunting season and the holidays with the family. Things are a little more relaxed but it's time to get back to it. We are swinging right into show season this weekend with the Novi Ultimate fishing show.

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That’s what Reel ’n Smoke is about getting out there and finding your own passion. Whether it’s casting a line, stalking prey or just hanging out, it’s an individuality that lives in all of us.

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FishSens Magazine is a web publication covering fish science, conservation and sport. FishSens Magazine aims to keep professional anglers and fishery researchers up to date on developments in their industries.

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Age: 31
Job: Fisheries Biologist
Hometown: Norton Shores MI
Family: Amanda, Mabel and Hutch (yellow lab)


Biggest tournament fish: 6.69
Largemouth or Smallmouth: Largemouth
Favorite Lake: Portage Chain
Duck blind or Treestand: duck blind


Favorite Bait: Nemesis Bullet Craw
Favorite Techniques: Flipping grass, sight fishing
Fishing Strength: decision making
Other: Salmon, Trout, Walleyes, Whitefish, Bluegills, Perch


Sunrises or Sunsets: Sunrises
Food: harvested, cleaned, and cooked myself
Music: Hard Rock


Ready for Old Man Winter

It's starting to feel like winter out there and if you are like me you are hoping we are on the cusp of an early ice fishing season (before Christmas would be awesome). As duck season is winding down, the whitefish run is over  and I'm starting to get anxious about being on the ice. First ice is always amazing fishing and I've got a bunch of new tackle from Clam Outdoors to try out.

I'm especially excited about the Clam Kenai Pro Stealth series shanty. It is a 1 man flip over and a true dark house. I have a couple sight fishing opportunities on first ice in my area and that is really going to light things up below the ice. There's also tons of space in the tub for all the ice fishing accessories I could want and tent space for fishing in deep water. It will be super warm with the thermal skin, once you try a thermal shanty there is no going back. It hasn't helped that the ice fishing shows are going on right now. I spent a day at D&R Sports last weekend and this weekend the ClearH2O open house is going on. If it's anything like last year there will be some killer deals down there in Edwardsburg.


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One Last Hurrah

My rods and reels are safely stowed away for the year, well except the pier gear. Whitefishing is just around the corner and the walleye fishing has been steady. Besides you never know what kind of weird stuff will show up in the channel when the water is cold. At this point I only plan on being in a boat if I'm pursuing ducks, although I wish I had enough time to take advantage of the great November bass fishing out there. I did get to sneak in one last trip with Bryan Plenzler though at the annual Jigs and Pigs Portage Chain open.

I absolutely love this tournament because I love fishing the Portage Chain. I never get to fish there anymore but it is where I began to learn about fall fishing starting way back in high school. I will say the place is changing a bunch though as it has been tougher to catch numbers/size of smallmouth in their typical areas. I'm not sure if their numbers are decreasing or they have moved locations. There is definitely some changes that have occurred to the areas and I think with a little time to explore over there I could dial it in again.

Once again we had a light turnout, 10-12 boats or so, and mostly diehards from the Jackson area. It always cracks me up about these tournaments on the east side, they always seem to get some excitement and another 10 boats that can't wait to fish but never show. That is the amazing thing about the west side, you never have to wonder if people are going to show up. You know a bunch of boats are going to show up every time. Compared to the southeast part of the state we have an amazing tournament scene over here on the lakeshore. I would lump the whole east side together but from what I've seen the Wixom/Sanford Lakes area has some good stuff going on too. Regardless I do not miss the weak turnouts in southeast Michigan.

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