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"It's Catching not Fishing" - May 13th 2018

Normally I would never say that, well unless maybe I was talking about ice fishing at times. But seriously is prespawn Lake St. Clair even real? Because after our trip there this week it certainly doesn't feel like it.

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That’s what Reel ’n Smoke is about getting out there and finding your own passion. Whether it’s casting a line, stalking prey or just hanging out, it’s an individuality that lives in all of us.

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FishSens Magazine is a web publication covering fish science, conservation and sport. FishSens Magazine aims to keep professional anglers and fishery researchers up to date on developments in their industries.

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Age: 31
Job: Fisheries Biologist
Hometown: Norton Shores MI
Family: Amanda, Mabel and Hutch (yellow lab)


Biggest tournament fish: 6.69
Largemouth or Smallmouth: Largemouth
Favorite Lake: Portage Chain
Duck blind or Treestand: duck blind


Favorite Bait: Nemesis Bullet Craw
Favorite Techniques: Flipping grass, sight fishing
Fishing Strength: decision making
Other: Salmon, Trout, Walleyes, Whitefish, Bluegills, Perch


Sunrises or Sunsets: Sunrises
Food: harvested, cleaned, and cooked myself
Music: Hard Rock


Make It Stop

Alright this is getting ridiculous, it's mid April and I'm sitting home during an ice storm instead of fishing. The conditions actually aren't that bad for fishing, but the roads are an absolute mess, so here I sit. I did however get lots of important fishing related things done this weekend so it wasn't a total loss. Amanda and I also made some ribs with one of the Reel n Smoke grilling kits. So simple and so amazing, it was a good project for a lazy weekend. I've still got quite a bit of stuff to accomplish today, it won't be snow blowing like the rest of the neighborhood is doing right now though ( I refuse to do snow removal in April).

I did manage to make it out for a few hours last week though. I went to a new body of water and was for sure surprised at where most of the fish were positioned. They were much shallower than I would have thought and biting reaction baits pretty well. The water temp didn't really indicate that they were going to be shallow, I did have the wind in my favor though. It definitely seemed like they were getting antsy to move on up and start cruising the shallows. Just like everyone I know is getting extremely antsy to get out there and get after them.


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Shakedown Cruise

The boat is home and it is time to get the party started. After a couple weeks of snow every other day I finally got a window to go pick it up right before the Grand Rapids show. I got hit with some nasty bug while I was there that I am just getting over. So I've yet to get out on the water but let's hope this is the week!

We had a successful show last week in Grand Rapids for Minn Kota and Humminbird. Show numbers were down overall but we had a ton of people in our booth. It seemed like the crowd who only stops by because of the bright lights was missing. But the people who really wanted to get some more info about our units turned out big time. It was great to see all the interest in SOLIX, I'll be running 2 of them this year and I highly recommend them. They offer quite a few advantages for people who are really going to get in depth with their electronics. So it was great to be able to spend a bunch of time talking about them. However it wasn't fun feeling like death all weekend from whatever plague I caught. It actually was a miserable week immediately following and ruined my plans of getting down to the ClearH2O open house on Saturday. I know I missed a few people at the show but it was good to catch up with a bunch of friends.


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